Thursday, 21 April 2016

James Smith

London escorts with the Help of Uber

Uber is a great new tool, you can down load it and have it on your phone and it makes life so much more easier.

I am always in London, during the day and of the evening, I have been known to see a few London escorts from Rachaels as well during the hours between my meetings and this is where Uber came into play with me.
Uber is all over the world, it has made the papers a great deal lately, London Black Cab drivers are up in arms over it and really screaming about it, they say that it is not fair, they are saying that the people at Uber are not suing a level playing field and that they are making short cuts.
So for those of you whom don’t know here is what it is.

Uber is a online cab booking service, you sign up to use it, you add your details to the account, it takes the need for the use of cash away, everything is charged to your account – which is linked to your phone.
It is really simple to book a car, all that you need to do is turn the app on and you will see which cars are closest to you, they offer a few types of car ranging from basic to luxury and people carriers, you input the address where you are going, you are told the fare and that’s it. You book a car via the app and once you do this the details of both the car and driver are displayed on the app. That is it, the car rolls up to pick you up and off you go, the reason that so many of the girls at Rachaels London Escorts like this app is the fact that it is very secure, you know all the details of the cab and driver before you even get into it.

You payment details are also logged, getting about with Uber is just so simple, and if I were a London Black Taxi driver then I would be really worried also.

As a user of both escorts in London and of Uber this has made my life so much more simple, I only ever go to visit escorts, I believe that this is called an “incall” , I don’t know London too well and just go off the text messages that the agency send me when I make the booking, once I have this I just input the address in and off I go, very simple, I also know then if I am going to be late when it comes to getting to the girls, there is nothing worst then being late for an appointment with an escort because the girls get the hump, they don’t like to wait around!
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